The most incredible guy in the world. He lights up the room like a million bright light-bulbs in a black-hole. In talking to him, time passes in a blink of an eye. He makes one feel so special, so loved, so unique. One can only enjoy and have a smile on their face when spending time with him. He's unbelievably considerate and sweet, hilarious as well. His singing is utterly sensational and his talents in not only that, but in just about every area, are astounding. His dedication is truly admirable. Not only that, but he's incredibly good-looking as well! He's as close to perfection as one could ever reach.
He's such an awesome, super-duper guy! He's definitely a Vic.
by MysticalxUnknown November 29, 2010
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a cutie that alot's of girls falling in love for. Have a handsome smile and his eyes is like an angel!
Vic is a famous singer, that alot's of people admire and love!
by rachely13 November 10, 2008
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A sensitive, complex boy or girl who may at first not know what their true purpose may be -- but overtime comes to know who and what they want out of life. A strong, beautiful individual with a heart as big as the earth itself, but who could maybe stand to wear less black.
Can always make you smile when you feel like it was never possible.
" That girl's such a Vic. Look at that figure! "
" He's a Vic, already got his mind set on somebody else. "
by she'smyman February 27, 2009
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A Vic is a good husband although he does get annoying sometimes. Vic's like to eat chips and chew them as fast as a bunny chews, and lick their fingers after each chip. They crunch salad at super human speed in that fake duck lip look that girls make when they take selfies. They eat pasta 12 times a week and drown it in tomato sauce so it looks like soup. They are bow legged and walk fast with their heads tilted to one side. Vic's think in circles and never pay attention to what you say so you have to repeat it 83 times but they still doesn't understand. They always says "Hold on!" before you finish what you are saying.
A Vic is very cheap and questions you about what you spend even though it's your money but it's ok for them to buy GTO parts for a car called Christine (named after the Steven King movie) that sits in a garage under a cover. They are also closet perverts that are too soft with a whip and paddle and end up getting spanked.
They are good at fixing everything but fix them wearing shorts with socks up to their knees and nerdy black shoes. A Vic's will not paint walls until the paint on them become transparent and have holes in them. They do not get mad after they paint and their wives bang the door handle into the wall making a hole.
Vic is too serious and has to learn how to be silly.
by needs a spanking December 07, 2017
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Short for Vicodin. Similar to Hydrocodone.

A medication used for pain-relief that in the United States can only be attained through a prescription.
Vicodin is a great recreational drug and can cause those who encounter it to voluntarily injure people they know and then subsequently take their prescription Vicodin.

Pl. Vics (Pronounced "Vikes")
Hey, give me another Vic or I'll fuck you up.

Dude, I was watching Van Helsing after taking like ten Vics and holy shit that movie was amazing.
by K Hizzle January 02, 2005
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