To reveal information about somebody without the person's consent.
"Did you hear Jarell expose Samantha's pregnant at lunch today?"
"What a slut."
by Ashleeey December 21, 2007
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To expose. To go naked in front of people you don't know. Depending on who you are, this may be a frequent experience.
"That woman's exposing herself!"
"Didn't you do human bio in high school, you nob!? That ain't no woman!"
by Alex Quantashassle June 9, 2005
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An elaborate fuck you when journalists put a beat down on a subject freight-trained is when you have an expose with abrasive language were it has the wolf ticket moments. The anger comes out when you catch someone editing your wordpress comments to make them look like a fucking suckup when in truth you did a really crushing comeback. (I.E. Mary Sangiovanni with her infamous "decades of therapy" tirade and the "I am sure she's just being nice" as she dissed a far-off friendship.)

Some of the responses have a lot of innuendo to pointing out that her entire hometown are village idiots that never seen controversy before, calling one a racist in a multi-cultural 20th Century village is asking for a witch hunt on par to the Salem Witch Trials. Pointing out to Kealan Patrick Burke how he introduced a cussing dog trope when one wrote a much harder story that was backed up by articles in Chicago Tribune spoke of the subject as well. It's also known as the takedown piece in journalism. Using this to invoke Hostile Editing to Archive of our Own's Fanlore when one had pointed out facts about some of the guilty parties of Fandom_Wank when the vlog entry appeared that was the set up for the most notorious horror story to appear in 2011 which was published in Emanations. The book I Fired God is an expose of Fundie and places Duggar on the spot.
The expose "Boycotting Truth" rebukes not only Kealan Patrick Burke but also those who ignore the contributions the author did introducing creative nonfiction to the independent press as he got published for this. He caught SomethingAwful lifting his material and one of them turned out to be a fan of Kealan's as well as a mutual follower, as his other fans called him a retard. The piece points out he told the truth about Burke and his fans got their journalistic sources about the writer on Encyclopedia Dramatica.
by illinoishorrorman March 22, 2018
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When someone tells personal information about someone or something to everyone.
Guys did you see Jake trying to flirt with Ashley?
Why'd you expose me bro, thought you said you weren't gonna tell anyone
by Bacha017 October 20, 2015
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To find out someone's secret, or see them doing a shameful act.
Then you yell: "EXPOSED!" while making a "X" by crossing your arms.
Jim broke the table when he sat on it. Jordan exposed him infront of the entire school.
by snake from T.O. September 24, 2008
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a specific person being told the real truth.
“i exposed sheila yesterday for saying the n word.”
what’s the n-word?”
“nigger. oh shit. i’m white.”
by dingleberrycherry October 7, 2019
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Combination of "exposure" and "disposal." Exposal is something that takes place when a person is exposed and embarrassed to the point where they leave and never return.
It's exposal season on Worldstar. People are being exposed and disposed of.
by Noir March 1, 2015
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