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A technique used by both hetero- and homo-sexuals to determine if another individual is homosexual. Typically, the homoprober will ask subtle questions and draw a conclusion based upon the homoprobee's answers.
Far more accurate than gaydar.
"I homoprobed the new guy yesterday."
"Gay. He kept saying 'my partner and I this...' and 'my partner that...'"
by jestermeister January 06, 2006
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I must be a homophobe according to politically correct propaganda since I don't want to go anywhere near a homoprobe.
by t July 13, 2004
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Characteristic of one who goes in search or feels overly comfortable around homosexuals. The opposite of homophobe
That kid Is Such A homoprobe! I understand tolerance for gays but hes kissing ass! literally!
by LightBrightMeTight! April 06, 2011
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