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I must be a homophobe according to politically correct propaganda since I don't want to go anywhere near a homoprobe.
by t July 13, 2004
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A snobbish, well-heeled town in the San Diego city limits overlooking beautiful coastline and boasting amazing beaches. The city that is home implausibly enough to UCSD, and is known for its elitism, pretention, and subtle hostility to all college students and people who are not upper middle class.
That restaurant was so La Jolla. I can't believe they charged me $7 for a piece of toast!
by t December 7, 2003
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a straight man who affiliates himself so much with the gay community it seems like genuine really WANTS to be gay, or perhaps secretly is.
My husband does theatre, belongs to GLAAD, and loves to hang out in Soho! I think he's a Stray!
by t January 18, 2005
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1. A homo. A butt pirate.
2. One who enjoys exploring the anus of of another man with his willie.
Ass exlporers have a greatly increased chance of getting HIV.
by t June 29, 2004
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Like a Camero.

Bitchin Camero
Bitchin Camero
by t February 13, 2004
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could be the worst effing thing in the universe.. to barely even noticing. in reference to a drug wearing off.. meth, weed, heroin, coke.. you name it.
ahh shit.. i'm coming down!
by t May 7, 2005
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