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When you have to poop so bad that the turd is popping out of your anus.
Man, I have to shit so bad, I'm sport'n an anal woody.
by t May 25, 2004
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I got out of the pool and had major antiboner.
by t July 21, 2004
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Someone who gives, or the act of giving/receiving, head.
*Come here girl and give me some mader.
* Look at that mader-head, he's got pink hotpants and fake eyelashes on.
by t March 21, 2005
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without the MkI Toyota Celica Supra, there'd be no piggy MkIII Supras; also the lightest of all Supra generations
by t May 27, 2004
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generally used to describe the second generation of a vehicle
most frequently used to describe the 2nd generation of Toyota Supra
by t May 27, 2004
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frequently used as the generation identifier of the Toyota Supra; MkIV Toyota Supra with the 3.0 DOHC 2JZGE/2JZGTE engine
by t May 27, 2004
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very, very cheap condoms
hold on baby... you're crawling with diseases, so i'm gonna put on a lifestyles
by t January 15, 2005
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