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I did your mom, hard.

I layed down my moves, hard.
by t April 2, 2005
simply- the ass!!!!
jim: damnnn i sure wouldn't mind tapping that booty!
by t November 19, 2003
something that's extreme, cool, exciting, hardcore
"that's Rahtty man!"
by t September 9, 2004
Big swinging balls that try to knock you into the swill water on MXC.
Oh no Vic, he got hit by the nards of doom.
by t September 7, 2004
"Fucked Up Face" - Usually regarding a woman who has an incredible body but a nasty-ass face.
DAMN ! Your girlfriend's sister, Tamika, has big ol' titties and great ass.....to bad she has that FUF (Fucked Uo Face).
by t December 31, 2004
frequently used as the generation identifier of the Toyota Supra; MkIV Toyota Supra with the 3.0 DOHC 2JZGE/2JZGTE engine
by t May 27, 2004
a delicious mix of nuts and candy
I decided to have some nutbox to get over the mid-afternoon slump!
by t March 11, 2005