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N,;to be of ones house; to me a part of one who is of the male genders household
by t August 3, 2003
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Block of Cartoons for the older crowd.
Was much much Better when they just had the old people getting into the pool as bumps instead of nonsensical BS that nobody feels like reading.
by t December 8, 2004
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My mom called me a faparous after she caught me jizzing all over the cat.
by t March 26, 2004
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circus folk and people with small hands
He is such a fucking carni
by t April 29, 2003
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frequently used as the generation identifier of the Toyota Supra; MkIV Toyota Supra with the 3.0 DOHC 2JZGE/2JZGTE engine
by t May 27, 2004
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a delicious mix of nuts and candy
I decided to have some nutbox to get over the mid-afternoon slump!
by t March 11, 2005
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a cylindrical, clear-glass receptacle used to house and dispense nutbox
And here is the pantry, complete with refrigerator, microwave, toaster and nutbox.
by t April 5, 2005
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