The best car ever in Toyota's lineup. With more standard features then needed and a gasoline saving engine, the Celica (2000-2005) (and 09??) is one of the best cars for a student because of the price, reliability, and safety. Plus, it looks badass!
Smart dude: Damn!!! you see that Toyota Celica??
Bro: Aw man its just a ricer....
Smart dude: OK! all you think about is trucks and dirtbikes! BRAT BRAT BRO!
Bro: Hey, you wanna go mobbing?? So cal 4 life homie!
by Shred_the_gnar March 11, 2009
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a really quick car that is much faster then a neon especially tony bowmans gay neon it also destroys cavilers sunfires civics and yet again tony bowmans gay neon and a stock 1991 toyota celica can also beat a 320 hp Plymouth laser (true story) :)
toyota celica
by ericbuller October 21, 2010
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Person looking for a car: "Hey, I am interested in a new reliable car. What do you recommend?"
Scotty Kilmer: "Get a 1994 Toyota Celica."
by Sdsr70 March 14, 2021
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The 6th gen Toyota Celica is an absolutely amazing car, easily the best vehicle Toyota has put on the market and I know your wanna be car guy brain is probably overheating right now reading this and no, the Toyota Supra is not a better car, the Celica is better and you only like Supras because everyone else does and everything you learned about cars is what Fast and Furious taught you.
Wannabe Car Guy: "Man I love Supras, ain't nothin better than a Toyota Supra."

Actual Car Guy: Smacks wannabe over the head "You dumbass, you'll never be apart of Dom Torero's family, the 97' Toyota Celica is a million times better"
by RivaL214 January 10, 2023
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