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An anal toy, used by males or females. Primarily used to stretch and relax the anus over time for a good fucking.
After Jessica had the buttplug in for a few hours, she was ready to get butt fucked.
by john August 29, 2004
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Something you shove up your tight ass hole to stretch it out, to prepare it for my big cock baby. Like a carrot or a cucumber. Once I shoved a whole bag of jelly beans up my ass
Last night my uncle John shoved a marker up my ass to stretch it out, like a butt plug, for his big ass cock
by Thicccman42069 February 07, 2019
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n1: An anal device with a distinctive, rounded, conical shape that abruptly tapers off before reaching a flat, disc shaped bottom. The anus is gradually stretched until passing over the largest part of the device, after which the device abruptly tapers off to the disc shaped bottom, hence the "butt" is "plugged".

n2: An insult used to chastise someone who's behavior is annoying you and/or others. The insult infers that the person inflicting the annoyance on you and/or others is becoming as irritating as an unpleasant and unwanted experience of anal penetration.
Example for n1: "Babe, before we try this, we might want to use a butt plug."

Example for n2: "Hey! Cut that out. You're such a butt plug!"
by Aubreyness November 21, 2005
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noun, an anal dilator

This is a dowel inserted in the anus in order to dilate it so it becomes more adequate for anal intercourse. According to some sources, it was very common in the 18th century.

See also: arseplug, assplug
He pushed on the buttplug, making her grunt.
Pushing her legs up in the air, he grabbed the buttplug and twisted it out of her bum.
by Tiago Zuhr July 22, 2008
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Any relatively large object -- usually made of rubber -- that can be firmly thrusted into one's butt, which in turn engenders a strong feeling of euphoria.
"Holy Shit! That buttplug you just inserted into my anus felt so good it should've been illegal!"
by Leeroy Jefferson Jenkins September 10, 2005
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