the last quarter of your forty that typically tastes like shit
holy shit that is the worst fucking swill i have ever had in my life
by taste of orient April 21, 2003
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1. (noun) cheap, crappy beer such as busch light or keystone light.

2. (verb) to drink alcohol quickly to get drunk.
1. (n.) Damn this busch light is some swill, next time buy some sierra nevada!

2. (v.) Yo, hurry up and swill that shit so we can go inside.
by J$$$$ October 29, 2003
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(verb) in greenwich "to swill" is to drink and/or get drunk. this term is mostly used in the public high school...therefore, when you use the term everybody knows where you're from.
dude we're getting swilled tonight!

are you guys going to swill at the party?
by gineen November 26, 2005
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adj. Anything bad, sub-standard or worthless.
Spike is swill. Crusher is not.
by Reverse April 10, 2005
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to ingest large amounts of alcohol
are you going to swill that brew?

Wanna swill?

lets get swilled

im down for some swillage
by adfjkgh October 5, 2005
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A swill is someone from Swilly, who thinks they are solid walking around with their burberry scarfs and baseball caps. They have their adidas trackies tucked into their football socks, and say things like, "ere, don't mess or i'll ding ya, 'n' run u over wimme nova!"
by An anti swill January 1, 2005
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Someone who comes from Devonport or the area round it, and reckons they're the hardest person to walk this earth, but no one will disagree with them because even if the swill aint the hardest guy around him and his mates will outnumber anyone who disagrees with him about 15 to 1 and kick their head in, leving them for dead after kicking the unconcious body around the road.
*Random person walks past, trying not to be noticed*

Swill1: Oi! you startin?

Person: uh, no

*Swill1's mates gather round and Person gets beaten up and left in the gutter*
by Solfius March 20, 2004
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