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N,;to be of ones house; to me a part of one who is of the male genders household
by t August 3, 2003
Excitment. Another word for sweet! Awesome! Is used a lot in the anime Dragon Half.
by t May 18, 2006
I found a wheel of cheese in the street and took it home. My wife asked me what type of cheese what is, I said Nacho Cheese. She asked how I knew that. I said it was because a man was running down the street yelling, 'thats Nacho cheese, thats nacho cheese'.
by t February 13, 2004
A male with small ears. Reported to have guitarskills. Studys so much that he forgets to play Elastomania.
Nyllet holds his twang.
by t March 24, 2003
word to describe a group of fine women
I was at the club last night and it was pinkalatous.
by t March 31, 2005
A person who is trying to scam you for cash (not a "thief" who will just take the money, or "scam artist" who is trying to scam you out of more than money), usually in a setting involving a transaction that would normally be no big deal
"That chisler tried to raise the price from $15 a bag to $40 after I came out to meet him!"
by t March 28, 2005