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Girl........I was so dusted last night, I don't even know have I drove home.
by t May 13, 2004
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The dumbest person to ever live.
Our piece of shit president just bombed another country and unemployment is as high as ever. He sure is dumb
by t February 21, 2005
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1.Agreeing that you are on crack
2.Hinting that you are on crack
3. Just acting fooked up
by t September 22, 2003
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A person, usually a crack dealer, who is tricked in to working or getting stuff for another for free.
ex woah..tried like a baser!
by t January 2, 2004
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An animal that is not fictional and exits in Mexico. It is a mix of a Llama and a frog. It is yellow and it's legs are green and slimey and the yellow parts of it are furry. It can sit, stand, and bark occasionaly. It doesn't poop and it likes to parrrrrtay.
Cassie: "Oh my goshness! Look, it is a Llammmmmmmmmmaplazzacheezeit!"
by t February 22, 2005
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überownage. A legendary b0gster.
Damn, I wish that I was as cool as r0XX0r...
by t March 24, 2003
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Physics Girl

Originally used by an obsessed college student to refer to his crush, who happened to be studying, you guessed it, physics.

Now used as a generic term to refer to a crush or (female) obsession, widespread among Western Australian university students.

Also mentioned in the song "stalker number 5", available at users.tpg.com.au/adsl9alx/stalker.html
a: So this is your new PG?
b: Shut up! I'm not obsessed!
by t June 5, 2004
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