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Derived from arabic roots meaning 'peace' and 'submission to God'. Those who follow islam and submit to God (known on arabic as Allah) are known as muslims (note the small 'm').

Someone who calls themselves a Muslim (big 'M') may or may not follow Islam in the same way that someone who calls themselves a Christian may or maynot follow the teachings of Christ.

Followers of islam take their guidance from the Qu'ran which is believed to be the word of God and also from hadith - which are trusted stories about the guidance that one of the prophets (Muhammed) gave.

This is like Christians taking guidance from the gospels - stories about what Jesus (another prophet in Islam) taught.

You cannot be a muslim if you don't believe in all the prophets God sent including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammad and many others (25 are named in the Quran but we are told there were thousends).

Muslims have lived peacefully in the UK for centuries. An 8th century anglo-saxon kings produced coins in the declaring in arabic 'there is none worthy of worship but God' (the islamic declararion of faith). The first English translation of the Qu'ran was written in 1649 and the office of national statistics records a Mosque in cardiff in 1860.
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Islamic is something relating to Islam.

Islamist is a made up word that muslims never use. It implies a radical form of behaviour that deviates from the teachings of Islam and is used when the media and politicians want to say islamic-terrorist and think that us mere mortals will be fooled by their clever twist of language.
by t March 27, 2005
n. The ass, butt, caboose, skin pillows, the area that launches a Hershey River.
I thouroughly enjoyed the 69, except for the proximity of das dumper.
by t March 31, 2003
Girl........I was so dusted last night, I don't even know have I drove home.
by t May 13, 2004
Term used when going Off Roadng.
We are gonna go froad in the desert today.
by t December 2, 2003
An example of excellence. The very best of the best.
Also one who aspires to have paragon status.
What does Paragon mean?? Oh hell, go look it up.
by t May 26, 2003
A severe case of the chocolate sphinkter squirts.
I ate some bad oysters yesterday and woke up the screaming mimis. I thought my colon was going to fall out.
by t June 29, 2004