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A locical fallacy in which the arguementative point is made into a caracature of it's original point. Extremely effective because it's not based on facts, but lies and assumptions. The burden of proof then lies in the defense, not the offense. Especially effective when the defense isn't allowed to offer objection. Popularized by right wing talk radio hosts Rush and Hannity.

Step one: Build the straw man. Ignore facts and make outlandish lies/slander. Redefine the facts. "liberals want to take your guns away and turn the U.S. over to the U.N."

Step 2: Knock down the straw man. "That flies in the face of everything we Americans believe in."

Step 3: Connect step 2 to step 1. "Only a communist would think of something like that."

Step 4: "Negate" your opponant by opposing the conclusion in step 3. "I hate those liberal communists. If they think us right-wingers will sit quietly while they destroy the country the're dead wrong."
Rush and Hannity can't argue the facts, so they have to make up the "evil liberal agenda" and then appear patriotic by opposing it.
by spot December 6, 2004
A pointless, costly, unwinnable war in the desert in 2003 that largely resembles another pointless, costly, unwinnable war in the jungle in 1969.
I'm so glad that the "shock and awe" tactics worked, and that we actually found the WMD's. I was worried that it would turn into Iraqinam!
by spot May 19, 2004
A social disposition that concludes that the only thing worse than abortion is the government having the authority to tell you whether you will/will not have one.

Many, if not most pro-choice believers do not relish abortion, but are committed to keeping the government out of our bedrooms, sex lives, and nurseries.

Although to a typical black/white, bible-thumping, attack dog anti-choice fundie, this automatically means that a pro-choicer not only loves abortions, but has obviously had several. Not true.
I got my ex-wife pregnant when I was 20, and we *CHOSE* to keep it; and have another.
by spot August 25, 2004
After recieving oral sex, you jiz in the girls eye, punch her in the mouth, and kick out her leg. Then she proceeds to jump around on one leg, holding her eye going Arrgh Arrgh
I just gave it to that girl, pirate style.
by spot March 10, 2004
A citizen of any state whose electoral votes went to a republican in tbe last election. So-called because of network news' electoral maps. Interestingly, the populations in red states have lower than average IQs, lower than average earnings, underfunded public schools, higher rates of poverty, homelessness, disease and crime; and every "red state" in the country recieves more federal funding than it pays (read:welfare).
Red staters are easy to spot. They drive 30 miles to Wal Mart to save .08 on a jar of mustard. That is, when they're not burning a cross on their neighbor's yard because he didn't go to church this week; or beating up n*ggers, gays or jews. They believe they're God's chosen even though they're lucky if they make more than $6.00/hour working the drive through at Hardee's.
by spot December 14, 2004
To someone living in Canada, North Mexico.
Oh look honey, some skinny-bacon loving North Mexicans from Indiana.
by spot August 23, 2004
The single all important issue of the 2004 election. So important that when it was dangled in front of their noses, the country forgot all about the other issues.
Well, it's 2008 and the country's bankrupt, 90% of the manufacturing jobs have gone to mexico, there's a massive crisis in the healthcare industry, environmental regulations are set back 100 years, 5000 soldiers have died in the Iraqi civil war, and gas is up to 4.99/gallon.

But at least queers can't get married. I was worried about that. Thank god George W. Bush is a man of faith.
by spot November 13, 2004