Term used to show poor quality of something/someone.
This is the most sorry ass movie I've ever seen.
by Cody May 23, 2004
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1) Lame, pitiful, without taste

2) Stubborn, without relief from his/her own point of view
1) That sorry ass just ruined the whole evening!

2) <Jim> There IS no alternative to this--I know it for sure!

<Mark> I checked it out yesterday and found 144 other sources for it, you sorry ass!
by Alex September 28, 2003
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Mark ass nigga. Not trying to go anywhere in life. Not trying to do shit.
Sorry ass nigga been living in the same town his whole and not trying to be shit.
by pt80 February 3, 2009
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a male human, not defined as a man who refuses to take care of is seed or denies the fact that he has one
I can't afford to take the kids to Disney, because his sorry ass dad hasn't helped me in any way.
by jesselena May 22, 2007
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Someone who is not good at being young and inexperienced.

A poor quality petty hoodlum.
That sorry-ass punk won't learn his lesson and keeps getting caught with alcohol.

Only a sorry-ass punk would talk to the cops.
by Motherhubbard November 25, 2010
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Commonly Used to describe Antjuan Rhodes.
Man that mf tuan the definition of a “Sorry Ass Nigga”
by skksksju January 9, 2023
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A sorry ass bitch is a bitch who is allways sorry about the bitch ass shit her sorry ass is allways doing
For example this bitch Marisa is allways sorry so she’s a sorry ass bitch
by Sorry ass bitch June 14, 2018
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