Commonly known for: corn, basketball, Michael Jackson, James Dean, long drives, insane weather, racing and some rednecks. There is a lot more in Indiana. Good original music and some of the nicest people you will ever meet live here. It's often considered a boring state but if you really just want to have a relaxed weekend, go kick it back with the Hoosiers.
Indiana, America's gut.
by Frizzle Fry May 8, 2008
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The Cross-Roads of America. The state that lies between Ohio ,Illinois, Kentucky and Michigan. The state is quaint and known for the Indianapolis 500 and the residents' fervant love of basketball. Considered by many to be a nowhere hole in the wall for rednecks etc., but oh well. And is also the namesake for one of the coolest film heroes of all time, Indiana Jones. Admit it, that sounds alot better than Kentucky Slim, New York Paul or California Fag.
I flew over Indiana on my way to Denver.
by Tbone July 3, 2003
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Considered the "Cross Roads of America." It is known for basketball, corn, and racing, but is now known for football, running, and other sports as well. People from Indiana are called "Hoosiers" (see definition) and are percieved as sleepy red-necks (not always accurate). It is a very agriculturally rich part of the United States.
I am from the wonderful state of Indiana.
by Michael Johnson February 6, 2004
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A state that the average American knows very little about.
Girl: Do you know where Indiana is?
Guy: Isn't it in Michigan or something?
Girl: No, I think it's a state.
Guy: Yea, one of those made-up ones, like Kansas.
by phil knight August 25, 2006
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Indiana, also known as Indi is a very pretty girl who is confident and passionate in everything she does, She's gorgeous in every single way. She's nice, intelligent, sweet, VERY funny, and just perfect. She's wonderful inside and out, once you get to know her she is very loud and funny, she has a great sense of humour and brightens up everyones days. Indiana loves helping people and loves animals. She can brighten up any room with her amazing smile.

Friend 1 "This party is boring"
Friend 2 "Dont worry Indiana is coming"
by ellamagic September 10, 2018
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Place where I live. Is famous for corn, racing, and michael jackson. Unfortunatly. People often think there is nothing here but corn, but they are deeply mistaken. We are often referred to as red necks but the red necks are in kentucky not Indiana.
by meg March 6, 2005
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This state can Be Found In The Midwest United States. Also, more specifically, it can be found between the great states of Illinois and Ohio. What's in Ohio, people sometimes ask. I believe the more accurate question is this: What's in Indiana?
An Obsession With Professional Basketball (See Below.)
Summer Camps (Waycross, Hickory Hill, Gallahue Valley)
Fudge Shops (Southern Indiana; Nashville, specifically)
Beautiful Downtown Bean Blossom T-Shirts (Look at an atlas to locate Bean Blossom)
Brown County State Park
The James Dean Birthplace And Museum (James Dean was the only movie star to be born in Indiana; unfortunately, he was super famous (and died) in the 1950s.)
French Lick (where Larry Bird is from)
A Professional Basketball Team
Marsh Supermarkets
Auto Racing Up The Wazoo (The Indy 500 is the most well-known of these events)
Obsessive Weathermen Who Act As Though Even The Slightest Possibility Of Bad/Dangerous/Stormy Weather is the End of the World.
My Old House
Pig Factories That You Can Smell From the Highway
Camp Jellystone (Why anyone would go to this vacation spot masquerading as a trailer park is beyond me.)
A Highway That, If Followed Long Enough, Will Get You Up North (Chicago, for example).
The Indiana Pacers; you may know them as the team that got into a brawl with the Detroit Pistons during the 2004-2005 Season
by VTP August 30, 2005
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