friend 1: "I love your t-shirt!"
friend 2: "I love your face!"
friend 1: "Thank you for that compliment!"
friend 2: "Thank you as well!"
by fredrietta August 2, 2008
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"In this day and age, a guy can't compliment a girl without receiving trouble."

ME: "You look nice today."
GIRL: "Oh my God get the fuck away from me you fucking loser!!"

GUY: "You look nice today."
GIRL: "Fuck you."

GIRL: "You look nice today."
GIRL: "Aaw, thanks."
by Dave November 19, 2004
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A nice saying that you don't usually get if you don't brush your hair, or brush your teeth
Thanks for the compliment
by BlueWrites November 29, 2019
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Something nice said about someone else, often to the "someone else" about whom the nice thing is said. Great for self-esteem.
Dan complimented Joe for being honest enough to admit that he had actually thought it was spelled 'Mientkiewich'
by Confident Lefty August 10, 2006
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"Steven, you are so cool! you are the sweetest most caring guy I've ever met!"
"Why thank you Jenny, that was very complimentative of you.
by Andrew Kade August 12, 2005
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Something you won't get if you keep on giving them.
When was the last time a girl told you that you had pretty eyelashes? Never, since you give a girl a compliment every time you see one instead. Guys are giving up compliments too easy these days.
by Solid Mantis May 14, 2019
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