1. An asshole which cannot stop embarrassing the person who has an embarrass.

2. An ugly asshole to which if seen, can make your social life completely collapse.

3. An asshole who keeps on free-farting.

4. An embarrassing excuse for an asshole.
I feel bad for Jim. People keep laughing at his embarrass.

Guy 1: Hey, have you heard of Kate?
Guy 2: Ever since Larry saw her embarrass, she just disappeared.

Dude, are you even ashamed of your embarrass!?

Dude. You're not a good asshole. You're not even a good embarrass!
by OmnomBot November 8, 2015
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An extremely sucky feeling that happens to adolescents much too often where your cheeks get all red and you just want to curl up under a dark bed for all of eternity (and/or die in a hole).
Girl: What's wrong, why are you crying?
Other Girl: I just suffered from a high level of embarrassment when my parents showed my boyfriend baby pictures of me! I wish I could curl up in a hole and die!
by netflixxlove January 4, 2015
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when you lose a dildo in your ass and it clogs and your shit starts building up till you explode
im embarrassing becus of you
by sebyneby / albino rhino October 8, 2019
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when you lose a dildo in your ass hole and it clogs and your shit start building up to you explode
it was embarrassing and the sematary was messy
by sebyneby / albino rhino October 8, 2019
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When you find out the girl you're dating thinks you're ugly and pathetic. She is embarassed to be seen with you.
When i found out she was embarrassed of me it was really embarrassing.
by Sonny V.e January 23, 2008
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to be disgraced and made a fool of.
The Celtics just made an embarrassment of the Lakers in the 2008 NBA Finals

hahahaha suckaaahs!!!
by brittany carter June 18, 2008
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When someone does stupid things causing them to feel self conscious, or causing other people to feel bad for them which is usually the worst case.
"Desiree is so embarrassing. She just took a billion mirror pictures when she was by herself in a washroom and put them on facebook. What a fool."
by Yoyo Man August 25, 2007
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