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1. An asshole which cannot stop embarrassing the person who has an embarrass.

2. An ugly asshole to which if seen, can make your social life completely collapse.

3. An asshole who keeps on free-farting.

4. An embarrassing excuse for an asshole.
I feel bad for Jim. People keep laughing at his embarrass.

Guy 1: Hey, have you heard of Kate?
Guy 2: Ever since Larry saw her embarrass, she just disappeared.

Dude, are you even ashamed of your embarrass!?

Dude. You're not a good asshole. You're not even a good embarrass!
by OmnomBot January 11, 2016
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When women want you to fuck them bare ass but your embarrassed about where you are at that particular moment
Girl:Come on take your pants off

Guy: dude I'm not gonna fuck you right here fucking bare ass

Girl:Why are the fuck why are you acting so embarrass jus take them off
Girl:what ever jus dont dominic your penis because I'm gonna go crazy
by Savy my nigga January 14, 2019
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