A term referring to the Place where skids are ripped in the Aussie car scene
Darren: Fuck cunt it’s a wet one innit.

Pablo: yeah it’s fully smackaz

Pablo: grab your bally c’s and we’ll fully rip this shit down in Mexico

The boys: fucking oath brah
by Sick lad Pablo December 8, 2022
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where i live

altough the insecurity situation its pretty conflictive in some parts, it isn't middle east.
sadly the goverment is under the control of politicians with no respect of the human rights; and all the media is under this control too , so there isn't freedom of speech.

in here , all (church, media, laws) is designed to keep us distracted of the actual situation ,or to blackout some rising movements against the opression of the system...

but we have awesome food.
guy #1: in the news said that shakira is coming here, to mexico !

guy#2:in the news they didn't mentioned that in chiapas , the mexican army under the orders of the president ,killed unarmed indians?

guy#1:no, when it happened?

guy#2:in 1994 , i think; well ,when the free trade agreement started

guy#1:that happened 16 years ago

guy#2:yeah, but the point is that i just got entered today


guy#2:on youtube
by foolish cleverness November 3, 2010
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The south country of the North American continent
Teacher: name me the North American countries Stacy.
Stacy: Canada, the U.S, and Alaska
Teacher: wrong. again. Stacy!! It's Mexico, Mexico is a North American country, which means Mexicans and Canadians are Americans too besides U.S citizens
by Letmecorrectyou May 27, 2015
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Merely a very lovely place. What else can we say?
Guy: Oh man, you should visit Mexico's beaches, they are literally the paradise.
by Annky03 July 6, 2011
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Mexico is a Nation of culture and hidden natural wealth sadly the people of Mexico had to live with 70 years of corrupt PRI rule but today the damage done to Mexico is being overturn. Mexico has many Modern Cities and their poverty rate is lowering by the year, Also Mexico is the largest-spanish speaking nation in the world also the second-largest Catholic naton in the world. Mexico is world-reowned for it's culture and food also known in the Diplomatic world as a major particapater in the UN and many groups. Mexico has many accomlisments in it's past and is predicted to become the First Deveopled Nation of Latin America within the first half of the 21st century
"Mexico has many good foods"
by Marken October 14, 2006
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A country in North America that became independent from Spain in 1810.
Let's go down to Mexico!
by Swarsfanatic June 1, 2005
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