This is a reference to the song "Post To Be" by Omarion. In the song, Jhene Aiko refers to her booty as groceries. It is a sex term. He eats food and he figuratively eats her ass in a sexual way. It is now a pop culture reference. Instead of ass, one says groceries. Only in a sexual context.
"Might let your boy chauffeur me,

But he got to eat the booty like groceries." -Jhene Aiko

Person one-"Got plans tonight?"

Person two-"Yeah I'm gonna netfix and chill with bae. Hopefully I'll get into the groceries."
by Kcpp-STYLELUXE February 21, 2016
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Dude 1: N*gga please, that shit is groceries.

Dude 2: Why is it groceries

Dude: B/c that shit's in the bag son.
by Wally Deutchland February 14, 2009
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background is blues/jazz(can't get any more urban) meaning a womans backside. one bagger two bagger you get the idea
look at those groceries
by kevin kelly February 17, 2005
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1. food you buy at a supermarket.

2. food you have ate.
Hey chief those were some good groceries.
by the great dick cheney October 22, 2004
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an alternative word for alcohol, used by teens that are underage
person 1: are you goin to that party?
person 2: ya man, i heard theres goin to be mad groceries
by j menz June 27, 2007
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1. Pharmeceutical drugs such as MDMA or ecstacy.
Hey, I need to purchase some groceries.
The aunties have the groceries!
Those groceries were good shit!
by barry1237 June 28, 2005
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