to disagree with something or someone, often by speaking or fighting against it, him, or her:
Dude A: And that's why I think a raise in tax isn't that bad.
Dude B: Really? I find that shocking! I oppose myself to that idea!
Dude A: ...
Dude B: ...
Dude A: ...
Dude B: Bro, that definition sounded too normal for Urban Dictionary...
Dude A: Lol haha ikr we're starting to sound like Joe haha
Dude B: Who's Joe?
Dude B: *dies*
by iBoss420 October 17, 2019
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When something is the opposite and it is alternating.
This whole week, i've been having some opposating days.
by slimshady:) October 19, 2011
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Essentially based on the word opposite but really is a made up verb form. Its the action of actually making the opposite.
My friend Kari opposated his or her gender the other day at the clinic.

I need to opposate my stance on Bush and stop supporting mentally challenged individuals as leaders of the free world.
by dtg295 August 13, 2008
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op"poser" Almost the opposite of a poser in the fact that rather than jumping on the band wagon after a trend has been started, they will purposely dislike something more with the increase of it's acceptance by the public or media. If something isn't "underground" then it isn't worth liking.
Everyone famous whether or not they have changed their style to become more popular is considered a "sellout" to the "opposer".
Some good examples of this phenomenon are the original fans of the band "Kings of Leon" who have grown to dislike the band even though they haven't changed their style but have become increasingly popular.

Jacob wasn't a republican but he was opposed to Obama because he was an opposer.

James refuses to watch "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" because he is an opposer.
by JSaurette January 27, 2009
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what people say if they want to sound smart. It means the ability to control the thumbs independent of the rest of the fingers facilitating grasping things with one hand easily.
smart guy: humans are the only mammal with opposable thumbs
dumb guy: what?
smart guy: *walks away leaving dumb guy feeling dumb*
by dudedr July 28, 2015
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1. A term used to describe the positions of aircraft approaching final approach courses for parallel runways from opposite sides of the final approach courses. For example, an aircraft approaching the final for runway 27R from the NORTH and an aircraft approaching the final for runway 27L from the south would be on opposing bases. Base legs refer to the portion of the pattern prior to turning onto final. 2. The name of a podcast about air traffic hosted by AG and RH.
1. I was flying into Greensboro and the awesome air traffic controller had me aimed directly at the aircraft to the parallel runway; I am glad they know how to apply the separation rules for opposing bases so we didn't get too close!

2. I was listening to "Opposing Bases" yesterday and really enjoyed the show!
by hamptonATC January 5, 2018
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