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The title explains its self! TMRBITW.tk
Oh my god so many bands suck now-a-days... i'm so glad for the most rockin'
by simon May 11, 2004
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1. A psychological condition characterized by a vigilant, sanctimonious, and solicitous predilection.
2. Rigorous in religious observance; marked by stern morality.
She's a schoolyard mother!
by Simon March 16, 2004
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An upwards taking towards the coast.

Someone who likes it up the coast is probably in the same boat as bush and clay aiken.

"no anal sex" see mateo
"That ma'fuckin' sum'bitch likes it up the coast, bitch."

"Te gusta remar por la costa!"

"Mitch likes it up the coast."
by Simon February 03, 2004
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probably one of the worst things ever known the human race.
Pollutes offices, schools, etc
Oh god...headache...must break lights...straining eyes...ahhhh
by Simon November 06, 2003
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Person who lives in a shack -- not very rich compared to "Simons"
whoa... davyyang's house is the size of my closet
by Simon February 26, 2003
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The urge to open up a gash or hole in someone and then sexually penetrate the wound.
Your mum is in for some serious gaprape!
by simon May 11, 2004
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french expression : when someone is really good in manipulating ppl and can go anywhere without restriction and use of his stealthness to bypass problem
He has achieved so many things, he is really a fiouret

Simon stop being a fiouret please, be franc
by Simon April 09, 2004
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