drunk to the sweet-spot point, where you just barely lose control of your limbs
Her dancing became a whole lot more interesting once she was tossed.
by Erika August 30, 2003
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A nice mix of drunk and high, where you frequently feel compelled to flap your limbs around languidly. And lots of jumping, yeah, jumping.
That kid is tossed. I think he's gonna fall off the roof.
by chester January 30, 2004
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the state of being inebriated enough to make up words...drunk and loving every second of it

"I'm so tossed, it's magnorious!"

"That party was amazing...everyone was tossed!"

by dattaro December 8, 2005
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to have had rough,or unpleasent sex
she walked into work lookin like she got tossed up.
by G-dub October 6, 2003
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verb; discarded - Generally used in the context of "thrown away" or "tossed into the garbage."
"I tossed the old mouse for my computer - it wasn't working worth sh*t."
by William Santa March 1, 2005
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1) To get your ass handed to you in a nice fluffy basket.
2) To otherwise get your shit ruined.
3) To be on the wrong side of a one-sided fistfight.
4) To recieve or perform manual action on yourself.

NOTE: Exists only in the perfect and future perfect forms.
1) Think I'm soft? You'll get tossed!
2) Andy got tossed when he called that biker a pussy.
3) Jack's going to the dentist today to fix his mouth after Bruce tossed him.
4) I got my salad tossed by Jack's sister when he was at the dentist.
by Albas January 21, 2007
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"got on the keyboard and tossed."
by noixz January 15, 2009
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