159 definition by simon

A male who exposes his pecker at inappropriate moments.
The complaintant states, she was jogging in the park when an obese male caucasian with a mullet exposed his 2 inch penis to her.

This is the 7th. complaint about the Dicky Waver in this park!
by Simon October 15, 2004

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My beautiful Man
I love Banarji
by simon November 27, 2003

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hole in the tip of a gentlemans appendage required for spurting of urine or jizm.
jesus...the cock-doctor jammed a cocktail umbrella down my hogs eye.
by Simon September 17, 2003

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a very unusual male species from somerset that likes cider and womens clothes,mainly seen in a collective with other vw drivers,approach with caution,may contain nuts
ficknoster is verticaly chalenged,can be strange but normaly humourous,and uttter filth
by simon June 15, 2006

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the japanese word for hair, perhaps its because the word means both "diety", "god" and hair, that hair is so usual in japanese horrormovies.
Omai wa kami wa usagi des!
by Simon April 03, 2005

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1. A small monk and/or monkey
2. An exclamaion
1. "I'm going to see the chorus of monkets at the tiny church today"
2. "Ow, monket! I stubbed my toe"
by Simon November 14, 2004

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Of or pertaining to excessive shitting.
Dorey was quite poopacious after getting his ass pounded by Spike.Dorey pooped his/her lady boy panties
by Simon October 15, 2004

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