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A word describing what Justin Bieber will grow up to be, in about 9 years time.
Justin Bieber, what a cute little girl.' 'Ah, yes. She will grow up to be a woman in a few years time.
by failingsuccess December 19, 2010
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The opposite of man, of whom are praised and worshipped in American society, when in actuality are as filthy and nasty as men themselves.
by Elrith October 28, 2011
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Bill - "You'd have to be stupid to actually get married to this woman"

Ted - "But she will always look like she's 20yrs old and she won't turn into a whinging bat that ruins my life and takes all my money and free time!"
by allan89 November 27, 2009
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Female human. As intelligent as the male of the species though far more vicious. Usually physically inferior yet very easily enraged. Tend to shy away from physical violence, but they gladly practice mental and emotional abuse against both their male counterparts and their so called โ€œsisters" (I.e. other women.). Likewise, while they are reluctant to partake in such physically violent crimes such as murder, assault and rape this is not because of their self proclaimed moral superiority but rather because most are extremely hesitant to get their hands dirty.

Constantly boasting about how they're superior to men and how all men are disgusting, subhuman mutations. All they have to back up these claims are their wombs (which they seem to believe makes them inherently right) and a few anecdotes about some asshole they used to date.

Other than a few notable individuals, there is very little evidence other than their self important cackling to support their claims of superiority. Furthermore, their assertions that one day they will rise up against the oppressive patriarchy and rule a Utopia in which there is no pain or crime are equally dubious but often hilarious.
Man: Bitch be crazy!

Woman: Don't call me no bitch, you ain't shit!


Man: Women, man. Amirite?
by Undead White Man March 27, 2012
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Person A: What got us kicked out of the garden of Eden?

Person B: That bitch with the 70's porn pubes between her legs tempted Adam with a healthy apple while he was eating doritos and watching the game. He took one bite and Morgan Freeman bitch slapped his ass out of the garden along with his bitch wife. Afterwards, she started nagging about how this would not have happened if he paid more attention to her and then she wondered off subject until she started blaming him for the five extra pounds she gained since she left the garden.

Person A: So women fucked us over?

Person B: Damn straight.
by uzi killer January 30, 2011
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