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A duck is a wholly wonderful creature. They also say "quack"
Duck: "Quack..."
by Simon April 12, 2004

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Slang for telling somebody to "Piss off"
Why don't you just 'Do one!'?
by Simon February 21, 2003

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The act of shitting a turd so long it hits the water before completely exiting the anus.
Huzzah! Dudes, guess who just mede a touchdown!
by Simon April 20, 2006

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An American Outlaw Motorcycle Club started in 1956. Based in Oregon and Washington.
The Gypsy Jokers are a group of men belonging to an Outlaw Motorcycle Club covering Oregon and Washinton.
by Simon July 18, 2004

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someone who mastubates either themself, or someone else.
She tossed me off last night..
by Simon January 05, 2004

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slang for the female genitailia, an insult, believed by many prudes to be one of the most insulting and rudist words in the english language
i've love to lick your cunt
you are such a cunt
by simon February 19, 2005

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natural; natural state of being; non-artificial, non-synthetic;

applied to food, ital meanin "whole," unprocessed...
keepin it ital...
by simon July 13, 2003

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