157 definitions by simon

A man who puts his dick into the womans arse for sexual pleasure.
Woman: i had anul sex last night with my boy friend
by simon December 14, 2003
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(n) A bag usually suspended from one prep or homosexual shoulder to the opposite side. Designed to carry books, and most commonly seen on gay people with sandals.
Johnny pulled his spanish book out from his fagbag.
by simon May 18, 2004
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aka poopshoot or arse. passage for human waste with puckered end for crimping.
i hear that julie chester takes it right up the dung funnel.
by simon September 17, 2003
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Person who attempts to play CS but is constantly gettin owned by Slim3y
hahaha what a Duuuncan
by simon August 28, 2003
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A person who like to felate goats after he has spray painted them and put on a of panties stolen from a 13 year old girls. Also like to have sex with dogs, preferably anal.
Grant's alternate lifestlye can be refered to as Elroy in nature.
by simon March 25, 2003
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