157 definitions by Simon

A very hefty fat pussy cat. Usually has no neck, thunderthighs and a big belly that drags on the ground.
That cat of yours is too heavy to take on the plane. He's a Tubcat.
by Simon October 15, 2004
1. A small monk and/or monkey
2. An exclamaion
1. "I'm going to see the chorus of monkets at the tiny church today"
2. "Ow, monket! I stubbed my toe"
by Simon November 14, 2004
When a woman is showing a wedgie both in the rear and front of her pants.
Boy, she's really riding the tightrope today!
by Simon February 1, 2005
A very, very tall and very,very thin person.
Jeeze, that guy is a gerkin!
by Simon March 7, 2005
the speed needed to travel thru time
by Simon February 16, 2003
an up and coming band from the scunthorpe area in united kingdom, they are recording a cd and doing the club circuit at the moment check them out!!! check out www.stateofmindmusic.tk
Band from Scunthorpe they play metal music and classic metal
by Simon January 7, 2005
aka poopshoot or arse. passage for human waste with puckered end for crimping.
i hear that julie chester takes it right up the dung funnel.
by Simon September 17, 2003