Single form of word themselves, used when refering to person whose sex (male or female) is not known or identified. Often used where the word them is used as a single form as well.
A person that looks at themself hella long in the mirror may be selfsexual.
by fcsuper May 4, 2006
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the singular form of the plural noun.
my computer changes "themself" to "themselves" all the time.
by cheryl lemons April 2, 2008
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A mythical pronoun occasionally sighted awkwardly straddling the thorny bush dividing plural from singular.

See myselves, mangluage.
"anybody who actually says this should kill themself."
by _m374 May 11, 2006
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An English word that for some damn reason sounds incorrect to our brain, is not listed as a word, gets spellchecked, but yet is perfectly correct grammar-wise.

Why it's not an officially recognized word (while its plural form is) is beyond me.

For example, in the sentence "the Church themself stated that...", the Church is a single entity and therefore can be used in its singular form.
Guy 1: You know what's even more stupid than Elon's tweets?

Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: The fact that themself is not officially recognized as a word.
Guy 2: Frfr bro
by Mary Mary Quite The Contrarian September 4, 2023
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can be used to refer to a singular person if you don't know their gender.
That person refuses to run the marathon by themself.
by megamangohan August 9, 2020
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A person is so fat they look like they have eaten themselves and there is 2 of that person, one person inside and one person outside.
That person is so fat it looks like they have eaten themself
by Rafphillips June 7, 2014
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