another word to use for "good", because "good" is so played out.
Man, I'm decent... I mean come on.
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
In the late 70's and early 80's, decent was the equivilant to the standard current usage of "awesome" or "cool".
Aww...that mustang is decent!
by hyperion-x February 14, 2006
A word every fucking person in the entire goddamn world uses to describe absolutely everything that isn't bad.
Bro: You saw that new movie? How was it?
Sis: It was decent.

Bro: How was the food at that restaurant?
Sis: Decent.

Bro: How's that book you're reading?
Sis:'s decent.

Bro: Get a thesaurus, please.
Sis: Hey, that's a decent idea. I bet there are some decent alternatives to "decent."

Bro: ಠ_ಠ
by Very Annoyed Dude April 25, 2012
A way of saying you have clothes on, not nekkid or naked.
Dude 1: "You naked, dude?"
Dude 2: "Naw, man. I'm decent."
by Megan AnnMarie October 21, 2008
another word for 'standard' or 'OK' looking.
fren: did u link dat boy
person: ye yesterday
fren: skeeen was he buff:
person: he was decent, wiv a ova sweet personality so im kinda on him
by ewqgr January 10, 2004
not quite good, yet not quite bad
{If you just played a trick on someone} Man, I'm decent.
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003