something gifted with two heads, but only uses one or the other...or neither
female: want to come over later?
male: sure
male's thoughts: dude! sex!
by apple_fuzz May 8, 2006
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His gender.
He is a male.
by fooop August 31, 2014
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A word often seen on the sides of mailboxes of illiterate people.
Hey Cletus, we got some male!!!!
by jakezula March 1, 2006
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1.the cause of global warming and everything else bad that happens on earth of the best things that ever happened to woman

3.someone who thinks they are better then everybody when they aren't
damn...that male is hot

i am better than that male

by mystery grl August 9, 2008
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I personally use this as an insult to any men who are close to me, it's a friendly insult; if you get what I mean. Dosn't mean anything as men (of course) are proud to be male as women are proud to be female, both too proud perhaps.

Men rock! I love 'em (specially men who like other men, they tend to be nicer) although some men are absolute horrid people who toy with women, cheat, use them but its the same for women too; stupid sluts. giving the rest of us females a bad name =(
Me: you're so male
Him: well... you're so female!
Me: *gasp* take that back!
Him: never!
Me: stop being so male and take it back, damn it!

(actual conversation)
by Sally-bob October 17, 2005
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a disease one suffers from
person 1: patrica you don’t look so good
person 2: i’m just down with “male”
by Shitty bum bum October 25, 2020
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When a male gets on top of a male (hints: male on male) in a sexual or playful way.
Sam and Cole, intoxicated, were doing male-on-male after the party.
by HeismyCowart January 7, 2016
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