A phrase you hear before a fight
kid: boy you look like a train with no chimney, you look like something out of the movie wall-e
kid 2: let's go
by whah July 25, 2020
When someone says you look like “Dababy” it’s typically to a person who knows they are attractive. Especially when people post thirst traps.
by emersonblakee January 23, 2021
An old phrase that has come back into vogue during Pandemic Life 2020 due to closed hair salons and barber shops.
When I was a kid with tousled, long hair hanging in my face, my mom used to say, “You look like Cousin It!”
by Dr Bunnygirl July 26, 2020
A roast used for someone who is greasy and skinny.
You haven't showered in days and u all skinny! boi you look like an eggroll
by Wet_little_trashbag5460 March 18, 2017
A general sarcastic response, said by assholes.
Cashier: You want beer? I need to see ID.
Asshole: You look like a rabbit.
by chadm October 13, 2007