noun - slang term given to your male best friend.

This is usually the guy that your parents reference you jumping off the bridge with, but really you are such good friends that if he jumps you wouldn't jump with him, you will be at the bottom waiting to catch him.

This is the guy that you don't have to ask to be your best man, he knows he already is the best man.

The one person aside from our creator that knows all of your secrets inside and out.
Person 1: "Are you and Bryant close friends?"

Person 2: "Bryant is my boy. We go way back."
by T20003 May 7, 2009
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a close guy friend. or a guy that you really like.
"oh... yeah, i love charles, he's my boy"

"oh... John Kerry... that's my boy"
by purple panted homie August 13, 2004
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my (home)boy
My (home)boy Justin just shot me a text from the 415. That's my boy.
by RobRush July 16, 2013
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A term used by an overly obsessive and clingy girlfriend.
devron - stop talking to me i dont want to date you anymore
tracy- PLEASE your my boy my boy my boy my boy forever
devron- stop being a stupid retart
by oreobaby August 8, 2009
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Code word for men to use when there is an extremely hot chick in the vacinity.
So how about......"my boy"......that game the other night.
by BJ Norton December 20, 2006
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A great friend but you want to sound cool or you don't want to say his name. So you just yell that my boi, it also has become popular and many YouTubers have shirts that have that's my boi printed on it.
Guy 1: "That my boi "

Guy 2: "You already know"

"What that guy's name again," thinks guy 1

"His name is so long Iand hard to pronounce and I am never, trying to say it again," thinks guy 2.
by DuOnlyWildWilly May 17, 2018
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