23 definition by robuttt

Another word for marijuana or a spliff
Smoking a chazling every night whilst watching eastenders is quite likely to increase your intelligence and interest to the rest of the human race by over 1000%
by robuttt October 10, 2006

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A finacial investment company set up of shore, usually Spain, and thus not subject to UK regulations with the intention of ripping off as many people as possible.
Dave and Steve made a packet with their spank shop and went on to open a health food store in Norwich.
by robuttt December 05, 2006

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The state an alcoholic beverage attains after it has been left out for a period of time, probably at a party.
"That red wine has been there for days!"
"Do you want to drink it? It looks pretty well vintaged."
by robuttt July 17, 2008

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The c.u.p.i.d system or "cupids" was devised by the singular Alex Zavos of Cambridge in the year of our lord 2006.

C.U.P.I.D. stands for "Cunt Until Point Is Disproven" and is a system for choosing friends which weeds people out by instantly assuming everyone you meet is a twat until they prove to you that they are not.
A: Steve's just run off with my wife!
B: The cunt! But i thought you two were mates.
A: I know, I know I'm too trusting I should have used the c.u.p.i.d. system like Alex said.
B: Oh well at least you'll know for next time, lets go get pissed
by robuttt October 04, 2006

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Slang for extremely ugly prostitute
It was Lee's stag night so the boys got him a Wayne Rooney to celebrate
by robuttt October 26, 2006

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A present bought for another when the real recipient is yourself
Justin was so selfish that he bought Gayle a moustache cup for her birthday
by robuttt September 27, 2006

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Surreptitiously taking a photograph of a builder's bum.
Brad got caught downcracking in the chip shop, but Christopher Chope says it was ok.
by robuttt July 10, 2019

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