Ethnicity is the term for the culture of peoples in a geographic region.
Ethnicity is being connected by language, heritage, religion, and customs. To be a member of an ethnic group is to conform to some or all of those practices. etc.
Race is genetics and ethnicity is culture.
Race and ethnicity can overlap, but they are distinct.
A Japanese-American would be a member of the Japanese or East Asian race, but, if they don't practice any of the customs of their ancestors, or have no knowledge of the Japanese language they might not identify with the ethnicity, and instead consider themselves to be American.
by Crispy Waffles August 13, 2018
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Biologically, there are only three ethnicities: Asian, Black, and Caucasian. There are only three because there are three different shapes of the skull. For example, a person of Pakistani decent and another person of North Korean decent would both be considered Asian in this sense, in that they have the same skull shape. Same for someone from England and another from Brazil. People from Kuwait and Jamaica are also black in that they have the same shaped skull. Granted that the skulls of person A and B are not exactly the same, but they generally have the same characteristics, i.e. height, jaw joints, etc.

Socially, ethnicity refers to what country you hail from. Saying your American may be alright if you're in the United States, but in Spain or Australia they wouldn't know if you meant the US, Canada, Argentina, etc.
I don't think I need an example.
by Matt July 10, 2005
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Something that has to force it's way into everything.
Guy1: oh my gosh, that white guy is playing against a bunch of black guys!
Guy2: oh my gosh, the black guy is so white.

Guy3: oh my gosh, who gives a shit what ethnicity they are? Stop stereotyping.
by A-person_yay July 28, 2014
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Something white people should never try to relate to
Girl: I'm half German!
Guy: Oh, which of your parents are from Germany?
Girl: My mom's from Kentucky and my dad's from Washington.
Guy: Hey, you're an idiot.
by Smeego February 24, 2005
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The part of town populated with ethnic groups.
"Be careful driving through Ethni City. You know how savage those people can be!"
by hughmonger October 31, 2003
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