When one drink is too many, and a thousand aren't enough.
If an alcoholic just doesn't have that first next one, they are on the right track. That first one is the killer.
by TnPat March 8, 2004
A person who always feels two drinks behind.
"I just woke up, how can I already be two drinks behind?"


"Alcoholic? What's that?"
by Teo Cherub July 15, 2009
That motherfucker was drinking a keystone in the shower. That motherfucker is an alcoholic.
by Motherfucker Dick September 1, 2008
A person who knows exactly how many days it's been since they had a drink.
E.g., In January, 2007, Lindsay Lohan told People magazine "I haven't had a drink in seven days. Or anything." Lindsay Lohan's publicist Leslie Zelnick confirmed to The Associated Press in December that Lohan was attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.
by asking January 18, 2007
A true Alcoholic would rather drink, then get a Blowjob.
Bills wife was getting ready to go down on him, but Bill said no, I'll take a double jack n coke instead.
by Recovering January 18, 2004
Someone you don't like who drinks more than you do.
by lameo June 8, 2003
n. Everyone who drinks excessively with only one exception: college students.
College student A, "I think I am an alcoholic, I was craving for shots on a random tuesday night."
College student B, "Chill out, no worries. You are not an alcoholic until you graduate from college. Want beer?"
by liv_loves_humour February 2, 2009