Sociology is a pseudo-intellectual discipline similar to economics but without all of the mathematical rigor the latter discipline pretends it possesses.
Sociology 101 is awesome! We talk about how we feel about statistics rather than do any number crunching! I know what I want to major in, now!
by Malazoth December 2, 2013
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The subject of looking into somthing too much.
This is a robber..He robs becouse he is poor..He is poor becouse of poor socialization....He had a poor socialisation becouse his parents were in a lower class...His teachers looked down on him and he got a worse education becouse of this...Sociology for ya..
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Another fake science liberal arts major taken predominately by psuedo-intellectual girls without father figures.

Enroll in Sociology 101 if you wish to learn the basics of radical feminism, communism, and black nationalism.
Sample Sociology test question:

What was the root cause of the Spanish influenza epidemic of 1918?

a. The White man
b. The White race
c. White people
d. all of the above
by st pauli girl is hot April 10, 2007
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"shit happens ... it fucks people up... and leads to social movement and change"

brought to you by Prof. Weffer
-Dude did you go to Core lecture today?
- No man, why would I?
- The thing on sociology this morning was awesome. That was one of the best lectures I've been to.
by NerdJackson February 27, 2008
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a bullshit social science that often tries to pretend to know something about statistics.
My model can't identify anything worth shit... maybe I can turn it into Sociology?
by Mark the Blogger April 6, 2005
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Yet another BS major for that people who can't handle real science, mathematics, or engineering classes.
Every chick not in education is in sociology.
by TehTruth July 29, 2005
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(noun) a subject often taught by leftist college professors and used as a soap box to spew liberal propaganda about "The Man" keeping them down.
I just took a course on sociology, and now I want to overthrow something because my professor knows all. I must do his bidding.
by Pat March 29, 2004
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