the duck overlord. he can perform mind control on ducks of all kinds.
Look, its Ben with his army of ducks again!
by creamerr August 12, 2020
Ben is the consumer of crisps. He feasts on these ever meal of the day, Honey Soy Chicken for breakfast, Salt and vinegar for lunch and chilli and sour cream for dinner. Even cholesterol has no hold on this Italian solider. People cower in majesty of his luscious moustache, on the black market a single hair from this holy ground is worth over $400,000USD. Ben is the bringer of good fortune and as the Rembrandts famously wrote in respect of him in their hit song soon made theme of Television Giant show Friends "Ben will be there for you when the rain starts to pour".
Corey: Ben lend me your moustache in defeating the enemy
Ben: *Crunch*
Corey: Ben focus, would you rather save making or eat chips
Ben: *Crunch*
*The man infront of ben presses a button and the earth explodes, ending mankind*
Ben: *Crunch*
*The Rembrandts descend from earth with guitars In hand*
The Rembrandts: Ben will be there for you, Like ben has been there before, Ben will be there for you, Cause Ben is there for me toooo
by Daniel5tookenham February 24, 2022
Ben is a guy with brown hair and loves to play sports. He is a type of guy who is easy to be friends with. He may be fine when you meet him but when you get to know him, the goofy side comes out. He is a guy who will steal your heart in a day, who has an amazing smile that lighten ups a dark room. Ben is the perfect guy out there.
Girl 1: Wow, he is such a Ben.
Girl 2: Totally!
by Dark knight123 February 25, 2017
A guy who is usually making a girl always wonder. He usually won't express his feelings to anyone. He is really tough too. He will do anything for his girl. He is funny and smart. His eyes are so dreamy and his hair is usually messy.
Is that a ben ? He is just like a ben.
by Love your sister July 5, 2017
Has the biggest fucken cock and will give you a great fuck and a half. Massive unit and just a ripper bloke.
Ben is such a ghee.
by Tippa 43 October 18, 2019
Ben is a cute, tall dark and handsome boy, the kind you take home to your mamma, they’re serious but really smart, they’re stern but really sweet, they’re mature and really immature at the same time. Theyre like a human computer and know a lot about many things. They’re studied and well read but can still be down to earth. They’re quiet and shy, mellow and silent but they have a lot to share with the world and want to make it a better place.
by BorkborkBork 🐶 April 8, 2019
Massive coooooooock
Ben has a massive cock
by Isisjkskskskxo August 30, 2019