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Ben is an amazing guy, one of the sweetest you'll ever meet. He is quiet though, until u get him alone and he becomes the funniest and cutest guy ever. He gives the BEST hugs!! If you hug him you may instantly fall in love with him! He loves music and will try to make that one girl happy, but no matter what he does he seems hopeless. He is also very shy and even a little insecure at times, but if you meet him you will be one of the luckiest people on earth.
Your dating ben?
Yeah he gives the best hugs in the world!
by smile1977 February 06, 2013
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1: Dude, I just walked in on my parents.
2: Have some Brain Bleach!
by Andikun November 06, 2007
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If you meet a ben your pretty damn lucky, he's a goofy person and will make you laugh a lot ,he's literally the sweetest guy ever. He can easily make you smile for no reason, just keep talking to him because you might fall in love with him .His jokes are funny and he will make you the happiest person ever. And if you ever do have a ben please don't ever leave him you'll be grateful to have him in your life he will always be there for you. Ben has the best personality ever his personality is what defines him which makes him such a amazing person. He loves music ,He's so good at drawing , if your sad he will cheer you up really fast and make you happy as like nothing ever happen to you. You can also tell him secrets & he won't tell no one at all. He's the kind of guy you would hang out all the time. If you ever like a ben or date a ben well let me tell you theres no words to explain how much you'll love this guy, if you do date him your really lucky don't ever leave him. He is also such a good friend no matter what he always got your back, & getting over a ben is tough not gonna lie. You guys might have some funny moments. You might like random things you both like and talk about the dumbest things ever and will still be funny. He's such an amazing, sweet, funny, shy, happy person. He could also have some times where he might be sad but just cheer him up and try to do every little thing possible just to make him smile or laugh like he tried to do to you.
''ben is really funny''
''Ikr hes so funny''
by purple05 November 28, 2018
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A strong silent type, yet once you get to know him, the goofy side comes out. He is full of grace, very handsome, and gives the best hugs! He is tender, gentle, an incredible love maker, enduring-the best to cuddle with. He is zealous in spirit and has a talent for building things. Eyes like the ocean,- you could get lost in them forever.
Here comes Ben, god i love his eyes
by rebelman May 02, 2011
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Ben is an amazing person. Anyone who knows him has received a great gift. He is a massive fan of hugs but he only gives them to people is cares about, so if you receive one of these special hugs, you are very lucky. His only downside is that he sometimes has difficulty finding the right girl, but when he does, he will be the most amazing boyfriend ever!
That boy last night was amazing. He must have been a Ben.
by Madlaa996 August 27, 2014
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an amazing boy. he is your best friend and you love him. he can make you smile about pretty much anything and all the time. ben is also a very sexual person. but he will always make sure you are alright with it. ben can make you feel so much better. ben will call you beautiful or gorgeous and he makes you feel special. he remembers things you say and often will crack an old inside joke between you and him. ben can make your day with just one conversation. ben also gives amazing HUGS :)
ben: hey beautiful

you: haha hey.

girl 1: did ben just call you beautiful? god your lucky hes so cute.

girl 2: haha yea we're kinda really good friends.
by stuckonyourlove May 29, 2011
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