Afraid or mindful of something that you've already mentioned
You can come into my arms
it's okay don't be alarmed

come in to me!
by Digao October 11, 2009
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An Alarm is a morning routine comprised of the following steps:

1) Take a rip from a Juul
2) Without exhaling, take a rip from a bong
3) Still without exhaling, shotgun a beer
4) Exhale and enjoy!

The term is derived from the Alarm’s ability to wake the subject up from the sleeplike state of sobriety.
Yo, I set the Alarm for 5 minutes, esketit
by GucciMitch February 17, 2018
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An audible alert to wake you up in the morning.
He set Alarm to wake him up for work.

Plural: He set 2 larms to wake his tired ass up.
by Green31 July 11, 2014
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The alarmer often faces embarresment when they set their car alarm off by accient, or worse, their house alarm. If they don't (or can't) turn it off quickly you are driven to insanity as it wont STOP RINGING. AAHHHH. The problem with alarmers is that they have led the rest of the general public to believe that if they hear an alarm, that it was an alarmer causing it, so they will ignore it. If there is a valid reason for the alarm to go off, the person who set it off, will get away.
"Oh god, it's another ruddy alarmer. Learn how to use the little button you idiot"

"Oh not another ruddy alarmer" "What if it's someone breaking in" "Don't be an idiot"
by Slim Jim 3:16 July 10, 2005
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The alarm describes a freaky asian girl's orgasm. When she continuously wails that high pitch, the sound resembles an alarm hence the name alarm.
I was fuckin this asian chick and i thought the fire alarm went off.
by jeffr April 28, 2008
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9:00 pm when a girl needs to take her birth control pill
Hey Emily, guess what? Alarm!
by nicole77 July 2, 2007
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Someone who is clearly homosexual and in denial.
Scott is a total alarm and he doesn't know it.
by Scott February 16, 2005
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