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n. 1. One who sees the world through the eyes of angels. 2. To be connected yet not attached 3. To seek harmony beyond balance; a peaceful warrior. 4. One who encourages the authenticity of being. 5. Sees the light in others. 6. Having the uncanny ability to remain calm amongst chaos. 7. To have a quiet confidence that is often mistaken for lack of. 8. An insatiable quest for knowledge 9. Seeker of truth. 10. One who lives off the edge. 11. A soul that resonates to a divine frequency. 12. One who constantly strives to better themselves. 13. Student of ease. 14. Sees beauty in simplicity. 14. Clever negotiator, a philosopher, poet, author, composer, lover of life and beauty.

adj. Tender hearted, sensitive, intuitive, calm, loving, passionate, compassionate, clairsentient, creative, sensual, musical, vibrant, sexy, extremely feminine, spiritual, giving, brave. humorous, fair, balanced, adventurous, risk taker, nurturing, loving, highly intelligent, gifted, vulnerable.
She stood quietly and still while embracing the beauty of the sunset, the brilliance of the light through the orange and purple clouds, observing the pattern of the birds in flight. She closed her eyes and felt a breeze walk through her soul and understood for the first time what it meant to be referred to as "Gayle"....for she was experiencing the world through the eyes of Angels...and her world was never the same again....
by emptyhands February 07, 2010
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This woman is patient and reliable, warmhearted and loving, persistent and determined, placid and security loving. An absolutely dedicated woman that loves long relationships. Will walk away if backed into a corner and never look back.
He is insistent that she is being unfaithful

Gayle is so taken aback that he would question her loyalty; she leaves him and looks for him no more.
by fredricks February 04, 2010
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A selfish girl that looks emo. A backstabber, and often gossips about others. Usually interested in white guys. Gayle can look like a nice person, but really, she's a bitch.
Girl: "Ew, who's that dark depressing chick over there?"
Boy: "I dont know, but I wouldn't want to date her."
Girl: "She's probably Gayle."
by Ihategayle April 03, 2010
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A scale from 1-10 to determine how gay you & your friends are.
1 being as straight as can be, 10 being sterio typical gay.
"Yo dude, Chris is definetly a 7/10 on the Gayle"
by Sherog August 09, 2016
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