23 definition by robuttt

When two (or more) members of the same sex (including males) who consider themselves straight perform a sexual act to attract attention to themselves.
Look at those two girls over there lezzing up to get the attention of those men, what sluts!

Justin and Harry lezzed up in The Locomotive last night, they were well pissed, it was funny.
by robuttt January 15, 2007

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Cambridge rhyming slang for lighter- kung fu fighter
Oi Ben pass the kung fu!
by robuttt October 06, 2006

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used to mean "a contentious issue"
abortion is like gravy; gay marriage is like gravy.
by robuttt May 04, 2007

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Cambridge United Noise Terrroists (C.U.N.T) is the collective term for all the sound systems in cambridge.
A: was the rave good at the weekend?
B: Fucking awesome- C.U.N.T. were hot and it rained so they got a bit wet too.
by robuttt October 05, 2006

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Slang term for a lighter
Gayle, Have you got a cock?

Oi Justin, can I use your cock?
by robuttt October 16, 2006

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A game played by marijauna users.

The game is played by creating a sheet of rolling papers, placing it over a glass, and securing it by means of an elastic band, or sticky tape. A small coin is then placed at the centre of the paper and the players use a spliff to burn holes in the papers. Each player must hold the smoke from the joint in their lungs until the papers stop burning. If the coin falls into the glass, the player whose turn it is must make a cup of tea for all the participants.
Skin up a couple of joints Harry and let's play a game of Brew.
by robuttt September 13, 2007

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Synonymous with bad.
It's well pastry, init!
by robuttt November 07, 2007

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