She's presently present, so I'll present my present.

Translation: She's now here, so I'll give my gift.
by Shiny Things Are Shiny February 19, 2013
Something you give without any type of obligation.
I am going to give a present to her.
by ivestarted December 25, 2015
1)A great surprise someone would really like... if you had enough money.
2)Not the past, or future, but NOW...wait...NOW...NOW.NOWWW....AGHH
3)To show something boring, like a power-point on how boring things are
1)Tommy got me a tiny present, so that's why I got him a worm.
2)In the present, I am sad.

3)"May I present my diorama?" suck-up Sally asked.
by NiceN0b0dy1 May 13, 2018
The exact moment all of your blood cells decide to go directly to your dick
Me: I will begin my Presentation by starts off with Alabama being-

Girl: why dose Carl having a boner?
the singular moment when you are most susceptible to a heart attack.
teacher: "we are having a presentation tomorrow"
student: "dies of a heart attack"
by TrueDefinitionsNOLIE May 19, 2021
When you have to take a crap really bad and you feel the poop coming out.
We need to get home so I can take a shit. I think I'm presenting.
by djxpress March 20, 2009
Showing your crotch or dick bulge in an obvious or semi obvious manner
Omg that guy is certainly presenting,
His 8 inches is presenting itself.
by Bvdguy November 2, 2017