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Uncle Tom is a term used by black people to try to convince other black people that working, education, living well, and setting a good example for their children is selling out.
"De Shawn got a job? At Ameritech? He's a Tom"
by Pud June 21, 2005
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"Fuck You" is an idiots response to any question an idiot cannot answer.
Person 1: " A five dollar whore would charge an imbicile like you ten dollars."

Idiot: "Fuck you!"
by Pud June 19, 2005
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One of the greatest bands ever until that pussy Sammy Hagar became the lead singer.
I was one of the best guitar players ever. Then, I decided to play keyboards. I needed a pussy singer. I fired Dave then hired the biggest pussy I could think of. Sammy Hagar.
by Pud June 19, 2005
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One who partakes in any type of anal sex.
"Don't pick up the soap. Duane is a Turd Crusher!"
by Pud May 30, 2005
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The lesser of two baseball teams in Chicago. Cannot fill their stadium, unless the Cubs are playing at the well named "Cell". Players will take bribes to "fix" a world series. Fans attack elderly coaches from opposing teams. Owners encourage fans to cleanse their repugnant bodies by showering at the ballpark. One Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas, in the last 40 years.
J.R. "Since my basesball team will win this World Series, if they don't take a bribe,let's call for a lockout!"
by Pud June 18, 2005
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A Cock Slob is a person that takes on as many cocks as possible.
Shelley took on the basketball team again! What a Cockslob!
by Pud August 23, 2004
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Jackwad should be used in mixed company, when you should not use the term "Jagoff"!
Where is that Jackwad bartender?
by Pud May 31, 2005
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