to use an automatic weapon to fire blindy and rapidly, releasing a large amount of bullets at one time.
"Yo, I got the motherfuckin' AK and I'm going spray. I got the motherfuckin' glock and I'll come down your block"

by X Rod November 25, 2003
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To fire a series of bullets at a time without really aiming at all.
by Mix Mastah Vlad October 9, 2003
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(verb) to come profusely in or on a female.
by Pslinga November 3, 2010
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i'll spray you with the ak, and leave your girls chin nutty as a payday.
by Ry Diddy January 31, 2005
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In the music industry, particularly rap, to produce an excellent verse, line, or song that is just that straight fire.
"Danny Brown sprays mad bars in every one of his songs."
by SwagLordWC February 25, 2015
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Coitus interupptus from the doggy position.
Sprayed her bad... left a map of Hawaii.
by Mark January 31, 2005
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Foul smelling fluid that males cats spray onto your car at night.
Look! That bastard cat is spraying my car again!!
by skirtlifter January 31, 2005
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