the physical withdrawal from heroin or other opioid substance. ( U.K. )
I am tired of using heroin, so i decided to rattle.

... or ...

I've been rattling for the last week, but i'm starting to feel better now, as i'm posting stuff on the net.
by ex-junky-munky-uk May 25, 2011
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1. to engage in the act of sexual intercourse.
2. one who is or has been engaged in the act of sexual intercourse
"he was a good rattle."
by Popper March 20, 2005
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a man from whose mouth information, true and false, flows out all day long without consideration, almost without volition. (as defined by C.S. Lewis in Surprised by Joy)
At first I thought he was trying to fool me, but after a few days spent in his company, I realized he was just a rattle.
by hypocritic May 11, 2021
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Usually a term drug addicts use when they are desperate for their next fix & are withdrawing.
"You any gear mate? I'm rattling like a bottle of pills here'

'Shit, this is brutal, I'm rattling away like a bag of spanners'
by Jungle_Juice August 22, 2008
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When you fail miserably at a task or act nervously or someone has put you in your place verbally making you feel embarrassed.
Person 1: Hey mate, I hope you haven’t eaten those oranges I left on the side ?

Person 2: Are you serious ? I’ve eaten at least 3 of them.

Person 1: Oiiiiiii you’ve rattled it !!!! They were mouldy and full of maggots.

Person 2: I have rattled it to be honest.
by Rallisman November 10, 2020
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angry and/or upset. a state of unhappiness.
I am venessa Principe and I got rattled when I got hit in the head by a banana.
by Jordan Chong October 26, 2004
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can't believe something just happened, shocked, shaken up
"did you see that? that was nuts"
"yeah i did and im so rattled now"
by codddyyy15 March 12, 2010
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