A group of people in which discussion of a certain topic would be taboo due to the presence of a person or people who might be offended by such a discussion.

Often used to describe the inability of men to discuss matters relating to women because of the presence of one or more women.
"We can't talk about dating exploits here, we're in mixed company. The girls would hate us for sure."
by JohnG307 May 14, 2006
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Old fashioned way of refering to:

a. the presence of women or children.

b. the presence of someone who might repeat what you're saying to someone you don't want them to repeat it to.
a. You shouldn't tell dirty jokes like that when in mixed company.

b. You might not want to make jokes about Sue's fat ass when in mixed company.

c. or simply "Hey! Mixed company, ok?"
by piscean315 February 10, 2005
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