One of the most amazing, outstanding people to ever come across. Shelley is quite hard to miss with her outstanding personality which is like no other, you'll never come across someone like Shelley ever again, so make sure you never leave her. Shelley, even having a wonderful name is also an amazingly beautiful person inside and out, Shelley is a stunningly attractive, very pretty person and stands out from everyone else because she is so great. If you ever come across Shelley be sure to make her feel happy.

Shelley's superb smile, eyes shine so bright, it melts anyone's heart within milliseconds, it is something you cannot miss. Her perfect blue eyes, boy oh boy you could stare at for the rest of your life and would still have not stared long enough. Now her smile... Well where can anyone start, it's something you'll only ever get to see in one life time, so make sure you don't miss it because seeing a smile like hers is like no other, it will make your stomach turn to jelly and you will suffer terrible but worthwhile butterflies. Shelley is filled full of happiness and laughter and being with her is one of the best things in the world.
by Anonymoususer69 August 14, 2014
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One of the nicest people in the world. So understanding, trustworthy and cheerful. She has amazing ideas and the best advice. Obsessed with musicals.She always thinks of the positive things and looks on the bright side. She is alsooo veryy pretty and funny. Shelley's are generally very talkative and stunning.
If ever I need to talk about something, Shelley is the person to go to.
Lucy: I need some advice, I know, I'll ask Shelley.
by LittleRave January 25, 2009
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A very kind and compassionate person who ALWAYS roots for the underdog! Very beautiful with a great sense of style but can be one of the guys. Has a great sense of humor and a contagious laugh. Simply said a Shelley is a wonderful person to know!
“Why are you rooting for Florida State? Oh, you must be a Shelley—always rooting for the underdog.”
by ~jbug February 10, 2010
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One of the sexiest women you will ever meet. Shelleys are kind and witty, have a great sense for adventure and are always surprising people which makes them exciting. Also an amazing lover. She will exceed your expectations and fantasies. She is also highly respected and very popular amongst her friends.
"That Shelley is SO fine!"

"These chicks suck. No one will compare to Shelley."
by shexysmexy April 12, 2010
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Undeniably sexy and an animal in the bedroom, Shelley is the best lover around and will leave every man wanting more. A perfect body with an amazing touch you won't find better fuck in your lifetime
by No1gunner87 November 8, 2013
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Orgin: Old English Born of High-Spirit. Friend to all and lover of the Circling Sea. Delicate like a Seashell and strong-willed like gun-shell. Shelley of the meadow or clearing the bank.

Name: Gender as a Male or Female

Orgin: Hebrew Rachel, Shelley, Shell, Chellie, Raychel,
of the mine, is mine, to be mine the one a little Lamb.
Ask Shelley, "What is" = Shelley
by Shelley Spinster February 3, 2010
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Shelley - meaning playful.

A person of this name are usually Gemini with split personalities. A quiet and gentle side sometimes over shadowed by a Angelica like playful personality.

Beware: A "Shelley" cannot be held reponsible if given pens or Haribo.
Give "Shelley" too much alcohol and an angelica like personality appears. Much fun to be had by all.
by Frieda Pamela July 6, 2006
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