An exclamation of woe, and/or frustration.
Ahh, fucking dammit, I can't think of a sentence for this WORD!!!
by cingchris April 3, 2016
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1. Something Jack Bauer says alot.

2. A drinking game in which you watch 24 and drink every time Jack Bauer says "Dammit"
1. Jack: "Chloe I need you to track the suspects car via satellite."
Chloe: "Satellite's not up yet Jack"
Jack: "DAMMIT!!"

2. "Hey Bill 24's on tonight you want to bring a couple of shot glasses and some Jack Daniels?"
by Seth914 June 26, 2007
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Dammit go get the fukking papper
Damn you dammit get the fuk out of here
dammit y the fuk are you such a lazy dam fukking dog
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When the guess outlet store does not accept your guess-list card
Person 1- "Sorry sir, we do not accept guess list cards at the outlet store"

Person 2-"AH Dammit"
by mattm123 January 18, 2010
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What people say when they are fucked in the ass (in the figurative sense). Often happens if they lose something important.
Dammit!!! I can't find my bottle of anti-diarrhea drink!!! How am I going to get through this interview??? Oh, no, not my vitamin C pills too!!! DAMMIT!!!!!!!
by Bbobe26 June 13, 2011
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A drinking game that consists of watching 24 and every time you hear “Dammit” you take a shot.
Jack Bauer: “DAMMIT!”
Me: Round three everybody.
by #Clark May 2, 2018
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A small part, usually a fastener, that rolls off your workbench and falls, ending up in the darkest, most inaccessible place it can find on the floor. Usually found by bare feet, painfully.
Ouch!!! I just stepped on one of those dammits I lost yesterday.
by doflagie November 23, 2019
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