who all women go for even though the guy is possibly satan himself.
There more shallow women than there are shallow men.
by adrian February 7, 2005
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being not short. its that simple.
hah the first one is really cool. what i would be if i were in japan. haha thats was great. i give him props.
any way my example is oompa loompas are not tall.
by orange March 13, 2005
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Any guy above 5’9. The above standard doesn’t just jump to 5’10. includes 5’9 1/4, etc.
Girl: ooh fuck! That bitch tall!
Friend: Oh damn! He must have a big dick! How tall is he again?
Girl: A height that’s tall enough for me! Definitely slightly above 5’9!
by r59b1 May 4, 2021
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1. The ironically-named smallest size of coffee that can be ordered at certain coffee establishments, such as Starbuck's.

2. Having a long penis.
(def 1.) If I drink anything more than a tall, I'll be up all night.

(def 2.) Andrew may have small hands, but his girlfriend says he's tall.
by atemperman January 25, 2004
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Synonym for getting or being high (as intended by the Black Crowes' unrealeased album "Tall").
I'm taller than everyone in this room right now.

That dude's tall as can be.
by RikJamesBitch April 7, 2004
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anyone or anything that surpasses the height of 155cm.
Bill Gates is tall.

Your height is 154cm, therefore you aren't tall.
by theoneeeee July 7, 2010
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