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Poor, stupid and uneducated residents of Wisconsin that likes to throw cowshit at each other, and complain that all of the lakefront property is owned by out-of-staters.
My Grandfather sold 220 acres on the lakefront in 1995 for $12,000.00. Wish I coud buy it back. *SPLAT!*
by Pud May 31, 2005
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A Cock Slob is a person that takes on as many cocks as possible.
Shelley took on the basketball team again! What a Cockslob!
by Pud August 23, 2004
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Description for a vapid idiot, usually female whose thoughts only revolve around their next "must-have" purchase so they can have the same handbag as Sarah Jessica Parker.
Kelly Ann, what a fashionista, the only culture she knows is bacterial
by Pud July 29, 2004
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An educated, highly intelligent mexican who usually beats americans in conversation.
Dammit, that FishPussy really kicked Bssiesmth's ass yesterday night!
by Pud July 24, 2003
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Aussie for hurry up. Dags being the shit stuck on a sheeps arse. They rattle when they run.
by Pud October 10, 2003
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The lesser of two baseball teams in Chicago. Cannot fill their stadium, unless the Cubs are playing at the well named "Cell". Players will take bribes to "fix" a world series. Fans attack elderly coaches from opposing teams. Owners encourage fans to cleanse their repugnant bodies by showering at the ballpark. One Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas, in the last 40 years.
J.R. "Since my basesball team will win this World Series, if they don't take a bribe,let's call for a lockout!"
by Pud June 19, 2005
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A Chicken Hauler is a Trucker that has many extra lights on his truck, works for less money than most other drivers and smells like pigshit.
Spray the Lysol! the Chicken Haule is here!
by Pud May 31, 2005
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