Sharon is one of a kind. She can make your mood go to sad and lonely to happy. She can also be a Badass with a sarcastic attitude. Frustrating AF but gets away with everything because she's hot AF. She's an asshole with a heart of gold. she's unforgettable and the coolest girl you'll ever meet. Not to mention how easy it is to get lost in her eyes. She is very trustful and you should be free to tell her any things because she will listen and be there for you. If you get a Sharon never let her go. Even if you get a chance with her don't let her go. You will immediately regret it. You can not compare Sharon to another girl. Sharon is special and one of a kind so don't let her go.
Boy"I really love Sharon and she makes me crazy"
Boys friend "well go and get her and hold her tight"
by The Way Life Goes December 19, 2017
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Sharon is a good looking girl. She is rich and powerful. She may be flat but that’s because her ass is still growing. She is hilarious and everyone loves her. She is shy at first but once she knows you there is no going back! Sharon has the cutest laugh and the best jokes! If you make her smile you are instantly one of her best friends. Don’t mistake this queen for an easy target, you wouldn’t want to get on her bad side. She will hurt you by using your words against you and won’t be afraid to throw fists so watch out because this is a bad bitch. She is extremely intelligent but doesn’t really pay attention to it. She doesn’t want to stand out but she always does because of her amazing personality. People instantly fall in love with her. If she is your friend consider yourself lucky, she keeps all your secrets like a bank keeps cash. If you date a Sharon she will always play with your hair and fingers. She is very touchy and loves to be silly with her partner. She is loyal and won’t ever leave your side. Sharon will always comeback to you even if you were the reason she ate 4 packages of ice cream. But don’t be fooled, she won’t let you comeback into her life without some hurtful words and strategies. Overall Sharon is a sexy beast with a sexy and attractive personality.
Guy #1: Do you see that hot girl over there?
Guy #2: Yeah, she is something I wouldn’t mind nibbling on.
Guy #3: Her name is Sharon and don’t worry I already have.
Guy #1: That explains the hickey on your neck...
by Chained Goddess February 6, 2018
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A beautiful human being who is loved by all. At least mine is. This is my mom the person who is a part of who I am today, who is caring, loving, pretty ,funny and somehow always has a smile on her face and daily tells me that I am a "gift from god". I can always come to her with my problems and I hope that she knows vise-versa. She is also a great listener and will hear you out. I just read all the other definitions and just know that they are all wrong you shouldn't judge a person anyway ,these are what caused the world to have stereotypes. I love life and my "Sharon" loves them 2
"Sharon is so pretty today"
"I can always trust Sharon to help me with my problems"
by Just giving the honesty October 27, 2017
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Sharon is a biblical name. It means a plain land that is fruitful. People who have the name Sharon are simple, loving, silly people. Sharon does not argue blindly. She loves when you give her facts while arguing with her. Sharon can be stupid at times but I tell you it is to make people laugh. Sharon is funny. She is generous. People love Sharon because she is always her self.
That girl behaves herself every time. She's such a Sharon
by Ojengbede September 7, 2019
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She is such a nice, caring and a super smart person. She helps all the time and doesn’t put herself first. She always puts other first thinking that they need something first. She doesn’t ask for anything in return because helping makes her happy
Look at that girl over there! She’s lending someone an umbrella and going home in the rain, she is a sharon
by Tang Libai July 12, 2019
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Sharon is the sweetest you will ever meet. She will literally turn your bad into good. Sharon don't play fake woke. She is always awake. She always make life grand. Peaceful, truthful, honest. A real sweetheart.
#1 Somebody hurt me #2 Call Sharon.
by Catisaqueen January 17, 2021
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