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A beautiful human being who is loved by all. At least mine is. This is my mom the person who is a part of who I am today, who is caring, loving, pretty ,funny and somehow always has a smile on her face and daily tells me that I am a "gift from god". I can always come to her with my problems and I hope that she knows vise-versa. She is also a great listener and will hear you out. I just read all the other definitions and just know that they are all wrong you shouldn't judge a person anyway ,these are what caused the world to have stereotypes. I love life and my "Sharon" loves them 2
"Sharon is so pretty today"
"I can always trust Sharon to help me with my problems"
by Just giving the honesty October 28, 2017
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The most ghetto place in Pennsylvania next to Farell and Sharspvile.
To all my Sharon people: ITS DARBY MOFO!

I'm not sorry.

*holds up three fingers* read in between the lines, nvm you can't! You go to Sharon!
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Sharon is one of a kind. She can make your mood go to sad and lonely to happy. She can also be a Badass with a sarcastic attitude. Frustrating AF but gets away with everything because she's hot AF. She's an asshole with a heart of gold. she's unforgettable and the coolest girl you'll ever meet. Not to mention how easy it is to get lost in her eyes. She is very trustful and you should be free to tell her any things because she will listen and be there for you. If you get a Sharon never let her go. Even if you get a chance with her don't let her go. You will immediately regret it. You can not compare Sharon to another girl. Sharon is special and one of a kind so don't let her go.
Boy"I really love Sharon and she makes me crazy"
Boys friend "well go and get her and hold her tight"
by The Way Life Goes December 19, 2017
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Typically used by bogan Aussies who have had already ten kids to eight different fathers. Upper class Australians often avoid calling their kids (Girls) Sharon because it reminds us of the housos who live on the dole.
"Fucking hell Daryl! Another kid fell out me happy hole! I'll have to call it sharon like the rest of the other kids.
by Thefuckingdictionary December 30, 2014
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Sharon is very beautiful has a smile that melts your heart . She has a heart of gold but only to those who are honest and loyal. Always looks for the best is someone . Silver lining in everyone. Large breasts bigger than you could ever imagine.
You’re so lucky to have such a beautiful woman who loves you and makes you laugh . She is such a gorgeous Sharon!
by Maheu March 03, 2018
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Crazy bitch who never washes her hands after using the bathroom.
See that crazy girl over there, she just came from the bathroom and didn't wash her hands. She is such a Sharon!
by Babygirl4403 March 31, 2015
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