The Character featured on Chapelles's show skit "The mad real world", who had sex with the only white character's girlfriend, Katie.
Lysol had sex with Katie, I just filmed it.
by annonymous8 May 6, 2005
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An arosol drug, used commonly by the poorer class (esp. Aboriginals) used in conjuntion with wonder bread for a mountian fresh high
The unconcious nitchie lie in a bed of lysol cans and wonderbread bags.
by Ox May 30, 2003
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What women used to use as a douche. Lysol (the original liquid concentrate, not the spray) was actually marketed as a feminine hygiene product by Lehn and Fink, and ads actually appeared in women's magazines from the turn of the century up until the early 1960's. Instructions for making douche solution was actually on the Lysol bottle's labels. (one teaspoon Lysol, added to one quart warm water, mix in a separate container before pouring into douche bag). Also, after many lawsuits, mainly from women who had their vaginas irritated by Lysol, Lehn and Fink (now Reckitt Benckiser) stopped marketing Lysol concentrate as a douche. And the introduction of the disinfectant solution into a vagina made odor worse, not better, since it affected the vagina's natural pH balance. More about Lysol douche at the Museum of Menstrual and Feminine Health
The mother called her daughter a whore, and made her douche with Lysol.
by Genuine Nerd October 2, 2006
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One of the leetest Java programmers RuneScape cheating ever saw.
All your emu's are belong to Lysol.
by The one Lysol March 30, 2006
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somthing that smells like shit if u spray to much of it and it acts like a flamethrower if you burn it
"dude y tha fuck did u fart get tha lysol out"

"im gonna burn tha hell out of you with the LYSOL flamethrower"
by dkcsdkvcsdo ids October 6, 2006
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Used after you sleep with someone with crabs
Man, I had to use Lysol when she left the next morning!
by John May 28, 2003
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