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1. The shit of the pig, to be distinguished from other shits, as of birds or bulls (see Birdshit; Bullshit).
2. That dirty ass kid on your couch that's been playing video games for three days.
1. There's pigshit in my shoes--fuck!
2. Get that pigshit in the bath.
by Jared A. G. October 02, 2007
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A common Nigerian slang for slightly overcooked curly fries made by one's Jewish roommate.
Ahhh. Shit. I don't want none dat "pig shit" ya made fool.. get-me-some of da Colonel's chicken instead
by Nathan Levy June 07, 2007
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A term for a racist balding old pink looking white man who loves nonwhite women, but definetly despises nonwhite men like a loser beta faggot
Nonwhite guy: Better walk the fuck away now you stupid little pigshit before I pimp smack you because you keep your girls, I keep mines

Pigshit: But I love nonwhite women..... you cannot make me! (Nonwhite guy smacks the shit out of the pink little dick)
by Jimmi Jizzell June 08, 2017
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