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A polite term for shoving a lubricated probe into the Earth's hole to release gas.
Earth: I'm having trouble passing gas.

People: That's nothing a fracking won't fix.
by onehandcrabbing February 21, 2012

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An app that makes your photos look like shit while simultaneously making you happy about it.
I can't believe Facebook paid a billion dollars to buy Instagram; a program that makes perfectly good photos look like shit.

"OMG look at my mom's crappy old photos from the 70s... Oh, but check out this Instagram photo of me and Katie at the bar last night."

Instagram makes photos more fartsy than artsy.
by onehandcrabbing April 26, 2012

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A hip hop song by DJ Webstar. It was performed by rappers Young B. and The Voice of Harlem. There is also an accompanying dance.

In the great tradition of hip hop, Chicken Noodle Soup combines the lyrical and rhythmic power of insightful poetry with profound social commentary reflecting the societal, economic and educational realities of Harlem and other communities like it.

The chicken noodle soup symbolizes a cheap meal and speaks to the economic distress of the community while “the soda on the side” represents the allure of unhealthy “feel good” sugar foods and calories highlighting directly poor nutrition and the need for instant gratification indirectly (by contrast most families with greater education would serve milk or water with the soup).

It has been argued that the rain can mean almost anything metaphorically, but that the depth of the metaphor is that it is a recurring maladaptive behavior repeated over and over by members of the community. “Let it rain, then clear it out. Let it rain, then clear it out.” No effort is made to stop the rain from coming in. It’s allowed and then “cleared out” in perpetuity.
Chicken Noodle Soup (song) is a hot song, man. Straight up dope in 2006!
by onehandcrabbing June 01, 2012

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Noun : A fancy word that means, "Guess what? You're going to have to fucking carry your boat!"
After we paddle across this lake there's a portage to the river.
by onehandcrabbing January 17, 2012

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1. Noun: An extremely loud and powerful fart that commands admiration and deference.

2. Adj: Shockingly loud, commanding - used especially as a description of farts.
The conductor raised his hands as the audience quieted in anticipation and to their profound amazement he unleashed a fartissimo!

Greg made a strong effort and managed a good loud fart, but Jacob's was fartissimo!
by onehandcrabbing November 14, 2011

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A sudden, unexpected and usually high pitched fart that produces a physical jolt similar to an electric shock. The effect is sometimes felt by those nearby.
I just started giving the speech when I was hit by fartning! Everyone was shocked!
by onehandcrabbing November 14, 2011

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N. Something that at one point in time would have fetched an excellent market price, but because of seller greed and overpricing it didn't sell and because of market change it suddenly became such a rotten, stinky deal that the item could only be sold below cost.
Jim could have sold his home before the housing market collapse, but he held firm on an astronomical price. Now, he has a real fartburger on his hands.

by onehandcrabbing November 28, 2011

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