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1. Someone who dons a helmet and colored body condom and slides down a slippery chute as fast as possible on a sled.

2. Someone who competes in the luge.
"What kind of athlete are you?"

"I am a luger."

"Yes, yes you are."
by onehandcrabbing April 04, 2013
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The first gluttonous feast of the year usually served from around noon to 3pm on January 1st when most New Year's Eve revelers wake up.
We had a wonderfully drunken New Year's Eve and now we're looking forward to New Year's Buffet!
by onehandcrabbing December 31, 2012
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A hip hop song by DJ Webstar. It was performed by rappers Young B. and The Voice of Harlem. There is also an accompanying dance.

In the great tradition of hip hop, Chicken Noodle Soup combines the lyrical and rhythmic power of insightful poetry with profound social commentary reflecting the societal, economic and educational realities of Harlem and other communities like it.

The chicken noodle soup symbolizes a cheap meal and speaks to the economic distress of the community while “the soda on the side” represents the allure of unhealthy “feel good” sugar foods and calories highlighting directly poor nutrition and the need for instant gratification indirectly (by contrast most families with greater education would serve milk or water with the soup).

It has been argued that the rain can mean almost anything metaphorically, but that the depth of the metaphor is that it is a recurring maladaptive behavior repeated over and over by members of the community. “Let it rain, then clear it out. Let it rain, then clear it out.” No effort is made to stop the rain from coming in. It’s allowed and then “cleared out” in perpetuity.
Chicken Noodle Soup (song) is a hot song, man. Straight up dope in 2006!
by onehandcrabbing June 01, 2012
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adv. from the end : what precedes comes from the speaker's end or ass because of vanity or pride and what follows is more or less the actual truth of the matter.
I thought seriously about going to Harvard buttultimately attended the local junior college.

Our defense played their hearts out and really showed determination buttultimately we couldn't stop the run and they kept scoring.
by onehandcrabbing January 12, 2012
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Any man worth the hair on his balls knows that the cinnamon challenge is for pussies. A much older and more venerable challenge is the Bengay Challenge. It has been attempted in fraternity houses and college dorms for generations.

The challenge: Take about a tablespoon of Bengay and apply it to your testicles.
Bengay Challenge classic tagline: "Are you a man or have you Bengay?" Put Bengay on your balls and we'll find out!"
by onehandcrabbing August 31, 2012
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A person who comes over to be with your wife (usually another bitch) to keep her from whining and complaining while you go out with the guys.
Hey man, do you want to go with us to Hooters and then over to the new club?

Absolutely! I just need to get a bitchsitter.
by onehandcrabbing December 14, 2013
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